Morgan Mueller ‘18: After going All-State his senior year in football and track, Bradley Tanner chose to continue his education and football career at Western Michigan University. The Broncos and Tanner owned the spotlight this year, finishing undefeated in the regular season, winning a MAC Championship, and earning a chance to play Wisconsin in the Cotton Bowl in January. All of his recent success have played key roles in his first semester of college at WMU.

“My overall experience has been very good, I think that I’ve adjusted nicely to how school is run and managing my time between football and classes,” Tanner said.

Choosing to be a student athlete in college, Tanner knew it would be a big responsibility from his recent experience of being a student athlete at Romeo High School, but he didn’t realize how much harder it would be.

“It’s a lot harder than high school because it’s taken way more seriously,” Tanner said. “You have to put hours on top of hours into football daily in college, it’s much more demanding.”

Although, juggling school and being on an undefeated division one football team, Tanner is grateful and knows he has a great opportunity in front of him that not many people get to experience. Building on his high school athletic success, Tanner continues his reign and title of a “champ” on the football field.

“It feels great to be undefeated again, lots of love around campus and the community,” Tanner said. “My favorite memory at Western so far would have to be playing in that MAC Championship game at Ford Field …again!”

Western Michigan defeated Ohio University in the MAC Championship, 29-23.

Choosing a college is a major decision for a student’s future and finding where you’re meant to be right after high school can be frustrating. Luckily, Tanner made the right decision and ended up where he feels he is meant to be.

“No, I don’t plan on making any changes and I don’t regret picking Western because we’re champs and I have a good opportunity in front of me,” Tanner said.

After completing his first semester at Western Michigan University, Tanner is already a champion and plans to keep building on his recent success, on the field and in the classroom.


Photo by: MiPrepzone

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