Sarah Messing ‘21 and Rachel Piel ‘22: With a team size of mere eight players, the Romeo boys bowling team found a way to still make the best of their season. The Bulldogs started up again after all restrictions on winter sports were lifted in February when normally they start up in November. In their short lived season lasting less than two months, the Bulldogs finished their season with their final match on March 4th.

Senior captain, Dominic Orlando 21’ uses his role to advise the underclassmen and to make sure they play as a team. At the end of the season, he looks back at the memories created during his last season bowling as a Bulldog. 

“We just have to work together,” Orlando said. “Sometimes everyone gets frustrated and I have to bring everyone back together as a team.” 

In their last singles tournament of their regular season, D. Orlando placed 1st after cuts. Teammates Giorgio Orlando 22’ and Zachary Webb 22’ also both made the cut for the tournament. 

Giorgio Orlando, a short tenured member of the Bulldogs bowling team for two years now, was super happy to play alongside his older brother Dominic for one more year.

“We both like doing what we love and we joke around and have fun on the lanes,” G. Orlando said.

The Bulldogs headed to Port Huron shortly after their last league match to compete in the MAC Blue team meet for their regional match. 

Unfortunately, they failed to find a way to pull through, as they lost by a score of 16-5. 

“We didn’t end the season how we would have liked, but we’re all looking forward to next season,” Giorgio Orlando ‘22 said.

The Bulldogs finished the season with a record of 1-8. 

Even though their season finished a little rocky, they boys remain hopeful for next winter. Go Bulldogs!

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