Patrick Vinckier ‘19: Romeo boys basketball looked to bounce back and build from mistakes against L’anse Creuse on Tuesday, December 4. The final score, 56-52 ended up in the Bulldogs favor.

The Bulldogs took control of the game from the start of the clock, taking a 10-2 lead from some easy baskets.

“I thought the game went pretty well overall because we had the win, but I think that we didn’t play our best, we should’ve won by at least ten,” said Ryan Heimbuch ‘19. “We kind of blew our lead in the end, so we need to work on that, playing smarter and as a team.”

Heimbuch contributed 16 points, the most for a Bulldog. He took control of the game and played well as a leader. Heimbuch represents himself and  the team instills their trust in him.

A big problem for the boys came from the offensive end. Scoring easy baskets and preventing turnovers still come as a struggle, but problems in that case become fixed with time.

Coming off of a win against L’anse Creuse, the Bulldogs looked to keep the ball rolling against Dakota High School. Unfortunately, the Bulldogs ran into a hot Dakota team. The final score sums up the one sided match, an 82-48 loss.

“We played well for some of the game but they jumped out early so it really hurt us late in the game,” said Blake McRae ‘19. “They locked us up on defense which led to turnovers and easy buckets. We need to get things going on offense so we can become better overall in the game.”

The boys struggled in the first quarter, falling behind 26-5. The train kept rolling for Dakota as they continued to knock down threes and dominate in the post.

Eventually, the Bulldogs crunched the deficit to only 15 at half, but the momentum still sat with the Cougars explosive offense.

The team looks to learn from mistakes in another road game against Lake Orion on Tuesday, December 11 beginning at 7:00pm.

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