Austin Taseski ‘21: A smaller sport at Romeo High School, the bowling team contains dedicated athletes. With Quade Craun ‘19 and his four years of experience leading the team, the Romeo varsity bowling team looks forward to a exciting season.

For years the boys played with each other and loved to play bowling because of the relationships they made together.

“We have been playing for four years and the coaching staff makes the sport really fun for all of us who have been playing,” Craun said.

Craun says that more people on the team make it even more fun for all of the players.

“If anyone wants to join they can just email me or just let me know because we would really like more bowlers,” Craun said.

Bowling, providing a great experience to play, gives kids a fun time every day they bowl.

“We are hoping to win states,” Craun said.

Craun wants to succeed and give Romeo another trophy to add to the walls, while continuing to prepare for the season to start.

The team hopes to improve their record from last year and most important, to enjoy their time as bowlers at Romeo High School.

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