In the past three years, multiple Romeo sport programs reached new heights by breaking records and winning championships. Now the most notable of these achievements can be seen as the three state championships from volleyball, football, and hockey. If looked upon deeper though, it can be seen that not only are the main sports of Romeo rising above, but the smaller programs are making themselves known as well. Most recently, one student, Cambron Bressler ‘18 of the varsity bowling team attained the dream of making it to States.

Taking a step back, a year prior, Cambron was in the same situation as he is now. Being a sophomore at Regionals, the reality of qualifying for states was becoming more real as each moment passed by. The bowlers who place in the top ten at Regionals get the pass to states, as the situation progressed Bressler was just barely off the edge of getting into that final, tenth place spot. In the end it all boiled down to only four pins. He missed out on states by only four pins.

“Yeah, after regionals last year I was upset and thought about it in a negative way for a month or two,” Bressler said. “Eventually though, I just kinda forgot about it and moved on. Once this season started my goal was to do my best and when we got to Regionals all I thought about was sophomore year. Which lead me to think about redemption for myself and that was a driving motive to make states.”

Coming so close to achieving one of the highest accolades in high school sports and failing is enough to drive anyone to work twice as hard for their next opportunity. For some though, the opportunity may never rise again. Cambron on the other hand lives in a class of his own, as he was able to nearly qualify for states as a sophomore. This all in all gave him the boost of motivation he needed to be able to snatch up the next opportunity he knew he would get.

“When the season gets underway there are matches on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday,” Bressler said. “Then usually tournaments on the weekend and it goes from December to February and if you make states, March as well. Effort wise, so much goes into it, consistency is key to repeat shot after shot. You have to be accurate.”

With a workload such as this, and the drive from a suffered loss, it can only result in a successful outcome. Cold hard evidence supports this theory as where everything sits now, Cambron Bressler, a State competitor. In regionals he dominated the lanes and qualified with room for comfort as he placed eighth this time around. Despite this amazing feat, it isn’t exactly where he hopes to peak.

“Going pro is my future goal,” Bressler said. “I’m not going to be happy with how good I am now because I know I can be even better. Not to say I’m not happy with where I am at right now, but there is always room to get better.”

Despite discovering his passion for bowling only three short years ago, his natural talent and work ethic already have him striving for the pros.

Now as he looks to the future for his goal, his main priority is a state championship, as of now. With the help of coaches and teammates, states and his dreams can be made into a reality.

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