Alyssa Curtis ‘16 – With Christmas just around the corner, a chaotic day known as Black Friday looms in the distance. Stores around the country open for an all night service, starting at 6pm on November 28th and continuing into the early hours of the next morning. After Thanksgiving dinner people show an eagerness to fight for once in a lifetime deals and search for the greatest sales all while waiting in lines that come close to a 3 hour long wait.

Is Black Friday Shopping worth it? Some agree; some disagree. There are those that believe it isn’t worth the commotion and the hours of waiting for two or three less expensive items. Others side with the fact that a patience goes a long way on this particular night, getting deals that barely compare to those available on most days of the year.

“The lines are not worth the cheap price,” Hannah Hodge ‘16 said.

Those who find and receive the best deals on Black Friday more than likely have laid out a well organized plan before leaving. These kind of people are considered ‘smart shoppers; a key contribution of being a smart shopper is having experience from previous Black Fridays. Making a list of what is needed along with what sales apply to each item is a great strategy.

“I go to the places with the best sales and get there early so I can get a good spot in line,” Kelly Littmann ‘16 said.

People go to get something they have always wanted for a cheaper price. The excitement builds for those who choose to wait in enormously long lines for the store to open. When that door opens people storm to their precious marked down items causing countless collisions and the occasional full blown fight. Black Friday is notorious for instantaneous fights for limitless reasons. Someone takes the last of something, someone accidently runs into someone, or people are simply accused of cutting in line.

“I go Black Friday shopping every year, the lines are long but I get a ton of cheap stuff,” Luke Kaczor ‘16 said.

Black Friday shopping has its overwhelming pros and cons. Stores get the chance to wipe much of their merchandise off their shelves to offer preparation for big time Christmas shopping. This night provides shoppers an opportunity to get a majority of their Christmas list done for less than the original price. Some may be against the fact of waiting in never ending lines, and shopping until they literally drop, but it is worth the time of many shoppers.

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