Emi McCullough ’22: Every year, millions of Americans plan on going Black Friday shopping after enjoying their dinner with their families on Thanksgiving. But this year, big-name retailers are not opening their doors for Black Friday.

This one-day event of deals typically brings packed stores, long lines, and crowded parking lots. Because of Coronavirus, retailers closed their doors for Black Friday. But do not worry, these companies planned a whole month of sales put out periodically throughout the month of November. This encourages online sales rather than the usual packed crowds to help stop the spread of COVID-19 during the holiday season. 

Black Friday’s importance faded throughout the years, and retailers started to do more online sales throughout the holiday season even prior to COVID-19. Retailers believe sales online will let the consumers browse and buy things in the comfort of their own homes, which hopefully will reduce the crowds for future Black Fridays. 

Aaliyah Bell ‘22 always looks forward to shopping on Black Friday every year, and her family made it a tradition to do so. After a nice home-cooked meal with her family, they relax and head out to their favorite stores. But due to COVID-19 her family plans on staying home and enjoying time together, not taking a second for granted. 

“I try to stay as positive as I can at this time. I wish I would be able to shop on Black Friday just as much as everyone else, but I am willing to stay home to protect myself, my family, and the people around me,” Bell said. 

Many companies close their doors this year for Black Friday, but customers will still be able to receive good deals through the month of November. Keep a lookout, new deals are put out everyday by big-name companies and retailers. 

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