Taylor Demeere 19’: Monday January 8, Alma college awarded Romeo’s Jason Couch, the prestigious position as head coach for the Alma Scots football team. Couch, a lifelong resident of Romeo, graduated from Romeo and played on the football team. After graduation Couch continued his athletic and academic education at Alma, where he attended from 1997-2001 and then began teaching. In 2003, Couch became the co-head coach of the Romeo Football team, alongside Curt Rienas. In 2015, Couch and Rienas lead the Bulldogs to victory, in the State Championship game. After greatly influencing the lives of students and the community, Couch is ready to take on a new challenge in his coaching career.

At first, Couch taught in the Troy Community, but eventually decided to teach in his beloved hometown to pursue his love for teaching.

“Romeo is an incredible place and I would not leave for any place else [Alma],” Couch said. “The school and team will flourish and continue to be astonishing without me.”

After being nominated in 2010 for the State of Michigan Teacher of the Year, Couch went on to receive the Macomb County’s Most Outstanding High School Teacher award in 2011. After growing up in Romeo, Couch accredits his accomplishments to the town.

“Romeo has been my home and my kids home for their entire life,” Couch said. “I will always consider it my first home.”

Dedicated to his community, Couch takes a huge part in the annual “Watchdog” game, hosted by the Romeo Football Team, that raised $450,000 throughout the past nine years.

The community, students, peers and Couch’s family support him in his decision to grow in his coaching career.

“My boys came into my room and told me, Dad, you have to take the job, it would be selfish of us to tell you to stay,” Couch said. “If [taking this job] inspires my kids and students, as a role-model, then I am going to take this chance.”

Couch taught in Romeo for 17 years and created unforgettable memories with students, fellow teachers, and parents. Not only has Couch impacted his students lives in a powerful way, but they made an impact on his life too.

“They motivate me, inspire me, and some have gone on to become my friends,” Couch said. “Students are why I do this job.”

The Romeo community wishes Couch the best, no matter where he goes.

“I feel really sad,” Katie King ‘19 said. “I don’t even want to continue the class he taught because he is my favorite teacher, nobody can replace Mr. Couch.”

It remains very evident that Couch made a difference in the classroom with his students, as well as on the field with his players.

“Coach Couch is more than just a Coach, he is a great role model too,” Greg Tarr ‘20 said. “I am so glad I got to know him and Romeo is so lucky to say he was a part of their team.”

Assuredly, Romeo is already missing Mr. Couch, but soon, Alma will appreciate him as much as we do.

Good luck to the Couch family and all the accomplishments coming their way in the future.

Sources:  http://www.macombdaily.com/sports/20180109/alma-college-introduces-jason-couch-as-new-head-football-coach


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