Kade Messner ‘17 – Being taken very seriously at Romeo High School, intramural basketball is a way for students to team up with their friends and take on other teams around the school. Participating this year were over 110 students which made up 11 teams playing over 70 games.

At the end of the regular season every team gets put into a playoff bracket. The teams with the better records are seeded higher, while struggling teams are seeded lower. Being set up as a single game elimination, every game matters in the playoffs.

Winning this year’s 2015 intramural championship was Bernstein Advantage. Playing against Bernstein Advantage was 50 Shades Greater in the championship game.

Defeating every opponent they went up against, Bernstein Advantage ended with an undefeated record and were truly dominant all season long. Playing for the team were James Males ‘15, Noah Daniel ‘15, Chris Rashid ‘15, James Schradle ‘15, Spencer Rinke ‘15, Luke Wilt ‘15, Jack Hemstrom ‘15, Paul Porth ‘15, Dylan Alcini ‘15, Brad Charles ‘15, Nikola Naumovski ‘15, and Dylan Liptov ‘15.

The runner up, 50 Shades Greater also had a fantastic season, making it all the way to the championship. Competing for 50 Shades Greater was Jared McMillan ‘15, Austin Willey ‘15, Tommy Schneider ‘15, Anthony Proia ‘15, Brian Keelin ‘15, Jacob Domagalski ‘15, Jake Staller ‘15, Ben French ‘15, Joey Schneider ‘17, and Josh Mulrenin ‘15.

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