Alexandra Giordano ‘16- As the holiday season begins, malls fill with the constant rush of eager shoppers. Stores extend their hours, offering multiple specials and once-a-year deals in hope of making more business. Employees take on longer, more stressful shifts. Bela Vulcu ‘16 experiences this first hand.

Vulcu works as a sales associate at the Pandora jewelry store at Partridge Creek. She takes on a six to seven hour shift four or five days a week after school during the month of December.

“Working a lot during the holidays is very stressful,” Vulcu ‘16 said. “But it’s what I signed up for. I like working because it’s a good paycheck and I like working in retail, but it’s tiring working late after school.”

Juggling between school, family, and a social life, Vulcu stays positive and uses self motivation to get her through the long, exhausting days.

High school students often complain about being overwhelmed when trying to balance all aspects of life. Vulcu proves that working a job as busy as hers, and creating time for friends and family, is all possible with a positive attitude during the holiday season.

“Try not to stress yourself out,” Vulcu ‘16 said. “If you’re overwhelmed talk to a supervisor or manager about it.”
It’s important to learn real responsibility and to work hard at a young age. Vulcu’s dedication will one day pay off. With extended hours and a larger paycheck, customers are not the only one’s being blessed this holiday season.  

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