Morgan Brown ‘17 – Video Production Company (VPOC) visually captures important events around Romeo. Whether it’s coverage of our sports teams, new things going on in the community, or simply an overview of student life, the class creates videos highlighting important issues or events.

Videos are frequently uploaded to the Bulldog Broadcast Channel on YouTube. They include documentaries about specific people and activities in the school, public service announcements regarding upcoming events, and special broadcasts about happenings that are important to Romeo.

The class teaches students skills of filming, editing, and teamwork. Only through cooperation with classmates can students finish their projects, which require not only filming, but the editing process as well. This process, according to Nathan LaFalce ‘17, takes two to three times as long as filming.

Although the class requires hefty amounts of work and effort, it brings a level of fun to the day that is unmatched by many classes.

“My favorite part of the class would be being able to make projects with friends,” LaFalce said. “It makes the class more fun, and it’s a class you don’t have to dread every day.”

Students seeking a relaxed environment can ease their stress through VPC. The class provides a fun way to learn more about Romeo and the people in it, and is a rewarding experience, especially for those interested in a related career field.

Nicolas Matthews ‘19, set on being a sports broadcaster, plans on joining the program his sophomore year. With extensive background knowledge in sports, he hopes to perfect the broadcasting half of his desired career.

“It [VPC] will give me more experience in broadcasting and give me more of an upper hand in college,” Matthews said.

Matthews and other students in the program have the opportunity to further enhance their broadcasting skills through local broadcasting station, WBRW TV.

WBRW offers opportunities to students who are interested in film to help professionals pull together videos for events in and around Romeo. This type of real world experience gives students a sense of what a job in video production would be like.

Several videos about Romeo High School have been uploaded to, including coverage of volleyball and football games, a student of the month breakfast at RETC, and a clip about the school’s newly painted parking lot, filmed and produced by Cole Rapp ‘16.

To see end results of VPC’s hard work, and learn more about events in the community, check out the Bulldog Broadcast channel at

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