Paul Hurley ‘16: Experiencing multiple obstacles this season, Romeo basketball prepares for their plunge into the state playoffs. The past no longer serves any purpose, other than motivation.

Finishing the exact same as the previous 2014 season, the 2015 team ended 6-14. However, the only bright side to that record is finishing the season with more momentum than they have possessed all season.

Coming off of a 17 point victory against Fraser Tuesday night, Romeo actually started a win streak for the first time this season.

“Im confident going into playoffs, an 11 game losing streak had more of an effect mentally than you could imagine,” small forward Noah Soave ‘16 said. “We’re passed that, and playing good basketball right now.”

The boys intend to snap what has been a discouraging past two seasons of postseason contention since their Regional semi-final 3 years ago. They play Port Huron in the first round of playoffs Monday night at 6 in L’anse Creuse North’s gym. Encountering them once before, Romeo came out on top with a score of 52-39.

The Bulldogs now own chance to rewrite the outcome of this season by making a playoff run. Preparation for the big game could be the deciding factor on their fate.

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