David Andrews ‘16: A day full of energy and smiles, casting a bright light of happiness over sometimes a difficult situation. On May 3rd, all levels of the Romeo High School Baseball program made their way to Macomb Community College in Warren, Michigan, as they have every year previously, to volunteer and help at the Special Olympics held at the college.

“It is an incredibly rewarding and humbling experience,” said David Andrews ‘16. “I’ve gone all four years, and I have never dreaded it. I have always been excited to go, it teaches my teammates and I to really be grateful for what we have, and the most meaningful reason for my enjoyment is to be able to give these athletes who’ve been through so much a day of happiness.”

The three levels of the baseball program assisted in three events, the softball throw, volleyball, and weightlifting. The Bulldogs helped check all of the athletes into the events, provide them all of the necessary equipment, and most importantly cheered them on and supported them as they put their physical and mental disabilities aside for the time being; for those few hours, they were Olympians.

“It was a real eye opener, it made me feel incredibly thankful for the abilities I have, and it warmed my heart seeing the enjoyment and excitement the athletes got from being in the weightroom with me and a few other of my teammates,” Brendan Banach ‘16 said.

“I think it’s an outstanding opportunity for our baseball players to get involved in something, like helping with the Special Olympic athletes,” varsity head coach T.J. Delamielleure said. “It’s something [the athletes] enjoy and get a lot out of, but it also teaches [the Romeo Baseball athletes] a valuable lesson to treat everyone equally.”

The day ended full of smiles, warm hearts, and first place ribbons.

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