DISCLAIMER: This article is strictly satirical and not meant to be taken seriously.

Chloe Alverson ‘17- Our beloved pop-punk princess, Avril Lavigne, might be dead. There might be a look-alike living in her place. One Twitter user (whose username is too inappropriate to put in this story) brought this conspiracy theory to our attention.

The theory goes like this: Avril Lavigne died back in 2003 and a look-alike (who also sounds like Avril) is living in her place.

Let’s start by examining the obvious difference in Avril’s sound. Listen to Avril’s 2002 bop “Complicated,” then compare it to her 2007 hit “Girlfriend.” Not only do the songs differ in sound, but the style is completely different and not as angsty. From the use of vocals, to the beat, this is not the Avril we know and love. It’s her doppelgänger- Melissa Vandella.

When Avril rose to the top of the charts after the release her 2002 album, Let Go, she wasn’t accustomed to the fame. Avril hired a look-alike (Melissa) to walk around Los Angeles and pretend to be her, posing for pictures and talking to the paparazzi. The two quickly became best friends, even getting matching tattoos.

The change in sound isn’t the only factor causing disbelief of the real Avril’s current existence. Avril’s change in face shape (jaw line, nose, and eyes) is also raising eyebrows. Did Avril pay for extensive plastic surgery, or is it Melissa?

The reasoning behind Avril’s supposed death may be due to the death of her grandfather. After his passing, Avril frequently locked herself in her room, writing song after song. She would fall apart onstage and in interviews, crying and slurring her words. The theory suggests that Avril committed suicide.

Supposedly, her record label released all of Avril’s sad recordings anyway (if you’re a true Avril fan, you know exactly what album I’m referring to). Because Melissa already had the whole Avril thing down, including how to sing like her, Avril’s label simply had Melissa continue on as Avril.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not this theory is true, but to put it in the words of the Twitter user who brought back this conspiracy: “Avril is dead. And Melissa is weird.”

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