Carlina Parrinello ‘21: Students at Romeo want to watch their community grow into an environmentally safe area.  Stepping forward, Avani Bauer ‘19 approaches with an idea to make a change. RHS Gardening and Environmental Club started December 12. With students curious she gave a description of the club.

“I started this because I wanted to make Romeo a more environmentally friendly place,” Bauer said.

Bauer realizing problems in our community, wants to take action and make a change trying to get others involved.

“Since this is the first year we will be educating on environmental problems in our own community, as well as planting our own plants,” Bauer said.

When students start to involve themselves more, she wants to automatically get everyone educated. Hoping people understand as well as intrigued, she excites herself with what the future holds.

“Overall I want Romeo to be aware of how they impact the community and how they can help,” Bauer said.

Intrigued with the bright ideas from Bauer, Romeo High School lets her take action into her own hands.

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