Katelynn Medley ‘20: The man who runs it all. Since the fall of 1998, everyone has seen Greg Brynaert running around, working hard to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. From keeping halftime events in order, to preventing the kids from getting too rambunctious, Brynaert has played a huge role not only in the high school, but in the whole community.

As a student, I’ve seen Brynaert work hard for our school, my fellow students, the staff, and the community. Brynaert has made every Romeo High School student’s experience at the high school great. At school events, parents of students have commented on him, even other schools have commented on Romeo’s phenomenal Athletic Director. His work is known countywide.  Romeo is thankful for all the time and commitment Brynaert has offered our community.

After twenty years, Greg Brynaert has decided to retire and looks forward to new ventures.

“I’ve been doing this for twenty years,” Brynaert said. “I’ve worked many hours of everyday and I think it’s time to focus a little more time on my family and my wife and also and see what other kind of ventures I can find in my life.”

Working at Romeo High School has affected Brynaert’s life forever. Watching students in school has given his perspective of the future different from the per usual.

“There’s so many emotions that go on when working at a school. I remember being a student and the fun of being in high school and different events and activities,” Brynaert said. “The point is, I’m very confident in the future of our community and our country. I think we have so many quality kids in this school. So many times you listen to people and they talk about kids nowadays and I say ‘Hey, I’m comfortable with our future, we’re gonna be in good hands.’ When I watch the determination and drive of the students in school no matter what it is, academics, theatre, drama, dance, yearbook, newspaper, all that stuff you just watch it happen and it’s amazing. I have a strong, positive feeling about youth, about community, and about what our school district does to kids. I’m very happy to have been apart of this.”

After two decades at the high school, and seeing generations pass through, Brynaert has made memories that he will cherish forever such as watching the whole community come together and see amazing things happen before his eyes.

“There are thousands of memories. All different things. There’s championships, there’s games. But when you look back and see the Dawg Pound enjoying the heck out of themselves, doing the crazy fun things they do, those are special memories. It’s about being apart of this whole school and this whole community, which I think is really special,” Brynaert said. “I will miss the energy everyday coming here. Being inspired by watching teachers, coaches, and the students, even being inspired by watching the parents working and helping events happen. We do a lot of great things with a little bit of money, we do a lot of great things with the people who step up and support us.”

Brynaert’s departing words are to continue to push forward with your future dreams and to lift one another also.

“Two things. You need to prepare your life to take on all obstacles that come in front of you. I think that’s the good thing this school does for you. Obstacles will always be there, just keep fighting to overcome them,” Brynaert said. “Keep moving forward, keep your dreams, keep your hopes, and keep pushing forward. I often watch my grandchildren and I see them struggle to walk, they fall, they trip, they run into things, but they don’t stop trying to walk. We lose that a lot in our lives when we give up because things are too hard. We would’ve never walked, learned to swim, or how to ride a bike if we didn’t keep pushing. Also, you don’t realize that your life can make a impact on someone everyday that you don’t know. Make impacts in others lives.”

Romeo High School remains very grateful for the time Brynaert has invested in the students and community. He will never be forgotten and his work and progress here will be everlasting. Romeo wishes him luck in his future plans. He will always be embedded in the high school and forever be apart of Romeo. Brynaert’s signature line is “Be Romeo.” Despite the loss of his presence, he will continue to inspire us all to be just that.

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