Kenneth Borycz ‘18: It’s a spooky time of year: candy, costumes, and decorations. Halloween is a holiday for children to have a good time. However, what defines a child? Younger than ten? Younger than eighteen? If you are a high school student, do you really need to go trick-or-treating? The answer is quite simple: no. It’s time to realize that you’re almost an adult, you want everybody to treat you like one, so start acting like one.

Trick-or-treating became big in Scotland and Ireland during the 1920s. The practice did not come to the states until around the second world war. The practice was started so “children” would not go around their towns destroying things. Currently, in the United States, nearly 90% of kids ages 5-13 go trick-or-treating.

Little kids can’t move at the same pace as teenagers. With older children being able to walk twice as fast, they can loop a street equally as fast, “stealing” the younger kids candy. Would you want to take a kids presents Christmas morning? Then why would you take a kids candy Halloween night? If you’re in high school, there’s a good chance that you can go out and buy candy you actually like!

Leanna Harris, a senior at Romeo High School, posted on Facebook asking what age kids should stop trick-or-treating.

“Probably 13 is the last year you should be doing it,” Courtney Zabel, a family friend, said.

Harris’ grandma, Mell Andre, said “14…”

“If you are in high school, you are too old to go trick-or-treating,” teacher, Kimberly Ruhlman said.

As you can see, adults, even those with family in high school, think it’s wrong for teenagers to trick-or-treat. I understand that trick-or-treating was a fun thing to do as a kid, and it’s hard to realize that you’re too old for these things, but the time has come. This year, kick back, relax, and go to the store to pick up your favorite candy and celebrate Halloween in the comfort of your home by watching a scary movie!


Kayla Yax ‘18: For a lot of teenagers Halloween is the most exciting time of the year, marked by haunted houses and hayrides, spooky decorations, scary movies, cold weather, fun costumes, and of course candy, but are you too old to trick-or-treat?

Halloween is a holiday celebrated by people of all ages, whether you’re six or sixteen there’s something fun to do to celebrate the night. For a lot of teenagers, once high school hits it becomes a question of if you should be trick-or-treating, but if you want to go then why not?

Trick-or-treating has some obvious benefits no matter your age; the first being free candy of course. Halloween is a great time for getting all sorts of candy and then going home and splurging on it effectively putting yourself into a sugar coma for the next few days, and if you know the right neighborhoods to go to, you’ll be sure to find more than one full-size candy bar in your bag when the night is over. Oh yeah, and did I mention that it’s FREE?

If you’ve been debating on whether or not to go this year, here’s another great reason why trick-or-treating as a teenager is completely acceptable. It’s the chance to get creative with your costumes. Most teens have memories of running around the neighborhood as a kid dressed up as a little mummy or a witch, but now you have more freedom to go as something you really like, whether that be a favorite movie or TV character, an idol, something scary, or something you make up completely. The choice is yours and creating your own costume is affordable and enjoyable. You can also coordinate costumes with friends or siblings to make it even more fun.

Trick-or-treating is also a really fun thing to do with friends. When you were little more than likely you got escorted around by your parents, but once you’re older you have the chance to go with friends. It’s a great and inexpensive way to spend the night especially if your group doesn’t have the money to go to a haunted house or buy big bags of candy yourself. You and your friends can share the night filling up pillowcases full of candy and showing off your costumes. And if not with your friends, you can always go with your siblings.

If you love Halloween, trick-or-treating is also a cool way to see all the creative decorations and costumes, especially here in Romeo. Once the sun goes down, Tillson street swarms with hundreds of people in all sorts of costumes ready to see the amazing decorations the residents have to offer.

Being a teenager can be stressful, so trick-or-treating is a great chance to be a kid again for the night, or even just to let loose and have fun with friends if you don’t feel like staying in.

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