Emi McCullough ‘22: We love to go see marine life in theme parks, and aquariums, seeing them up close and witnessing their everyday life. Trapped in a tank, us humans watch them swim around and enjoy their beauty. Separated from their family, friends and homes, we take them and imprison them.  By taking these animals away from their home, we deny them any and all natural things of them. 

Wild orcas and dolphins live in large, complex social groups and swim vast distances in the open ocean everyday. But in captivity these animals only swim in endless circles in a tank, equivalent to a bathtub. We deny them any and all natural life, which affects them mentally and physically. 

Humans force orcas and dolphins to perform meaningless tricks, day after day training to entertain. Being exposed to humans brings them a lot of danger. Humans carry germs and pathogens with them, This brings high risk of contracting these diseases and germs. We kill them, we exploit them, we torture them. Only because we put ourselves first. 

These parks and aquariums run because we pay to keep them in business. We pay for these animal’s suffering, as long as we pay they get to stay open.

Bradan Tuszynski thinks animal abuse is inevitable, nothing can stop it. Whatever we do will never be enough. So changing is not that important to him. “Because the fish and stuff are already there people should see them and get the use out of them, so them being collected doesn’t go to waste,” Tuszynski said. 

We can stop supporting these companies and industries responsible for the lives of innocent animals. Animals contribute the least, why must they suffer the most? They deserve to live a long and healthy life. 

Miya McCullough loves the ocean, a place of peace and happiness. More importantly the home for these animals, not a market. We can not just take what we want when we want it, it rightfully belongs to the oceans. “I never knew all the pain and suffering these animals went through, it leaves me speechless what us humans do to them,” McCullough said. 

None of this needs to happen, so please next time you’re thinking about going to an aquarium or marine parks, don’t. By giving them your money, they continue running their business. If they don’t bring money in, they must close. Saving the lives of so many innocent animals. 

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