Alayna Demetrakeas ’16 – In 2013, Romeo High School students were each given a Chromebook. When the Chromebooks were given out, they were intended to be used for the benefit of the classroom. The power students were given with these laptops are starting to be abused, because countless games and social media apps such as twitter are available.

“I think they can be beneficial but they are too often used for recreational purposes which isn’t what they were intended to be used for,” Quinn Walker ‘16 said.

Chromebooks are quite useful for most situations. Some students don’t have access to a computer at home, and the Chromebooks make it easier for them to write essays for classes, or do their homework online. In college, students are expected to sit during their classes and are trusted to take notes and do homework on their laptops. Chromebooks are preparing us for college life and the responsibilities that are given, no one is sitting around holding your hand to make sure you do your homework. If you don’t study or do your homework, that is your problem not your professors.

It also helps the teachers, they don’t have to check out the library or wait to do an activity because the computers are all checked out. They also make it easier to detect when someone is cheating or when they actually did their homework. There are time stamps on the documents that tell when and who did the work. Although documents can be shared on Chromebooks, which makes some think it is easier to cheat, the teachers can see who you shared it with and look at their document to see if it is the same.

When a teacher is sitting at their desk looking at everyone staring blankly into their computer screen, scrolling around, typing, they assume they are doing work. In reality the students could actually be on Twitter, Pinterest, playing games, or even shopping.

“Forever 21 is on my bookmarks,” Bre Olley ‘16 said.

The Chromebooks were given with good intentions that can be very beneficial sometimes, but some may wonder if the power is fact being abused.


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