Alexandria Malcolm ‘17- Much like many schools, Romeo prides itself with knowing that they have many students enrolled in higher or advanced level classes. Here at Romeo High School, there are three types of advanced classes offered: AP classes, Honors classes, and the Math Science Technology program (MST).  

Taking AP or MST classes gives students the chance to boost their GPA and get a sneak peek of what college holds in store. Although there are many complaints over the stress put on students taking these classes, in the end most students agree that they are most beneficial. 

“I think AP classes definitely help,” Ashleigh Motoligin ‘17 said, “They make you work harder and they will make your GPA go up because they are weighted.”

AP classes are set up like college courses and are often taken by students to help prepare them for what comes after high school.

The MST classes offered are another possible route that students can take. These classes are considered honors classes and are accelerated as such, but do not hold the same weight on college applications as AP classes. Although the value differs, MST classes are just as beneficial on an educational level.  

“I personally think the MST has benefited me for the better,” Megan Ploetz ‘18 said. “It has taught me that hard work results in achievement.”

Much like any advanced program or AP class, there is always the possibility that these could affect your grade poorly. A lot more studying and effort is required to succeed in these classes compared to the normal, and if you don’t put forth the effort, chances are your grade will suffer.

Taking advanced classes is definitely something that can benefit your grades and is something that should be considered when signing up for next year’s classes.

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