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Some of the many attributes students value in Mr. Craig Bryant, Romeo’s April Staff Member of the Month, are his determination, hands-on skills, and love for teaching special. But it’s his unmistakable Bulldog Pride that truly set him apart. Born and raised in Romeo, Michigan, Mr. Bryant is a valuable asset to the Romeo High School staff.

Mr. Bryant preluded his job with many years in school. After graduating from Romeo High School, he attended Michigan State University for two years where he earned his Bachelors degree. Following MSU he went to Wayne State where he graduated with his Master’s in Human Resources. His first teaching job landed him back at Romeo High School where his journey began.

“I’ve been teaching at Romeo for the past seventeen years,” Mr. Bryant said.

Being the construction teacher, Mr. Bryant has to have many unique skills including knowledge of tools, the ability to oversee and advise a loud classroom, and teach students who may have no prior knowledge how to create things safely and securely. The construction class participates in many exciting projects such as building the Homecoming playhouses that each class decorates in a friendly competition. Mr. Bryant has his favorite projects that he likes to teach and watch his students carry out.

“Some of my favorite projects are the classic ones like the concrete canoe project and the house project and some new projects like the solar PV and the biofuel processor,” Mr. Bryant said.

Students who have Mr. Bryant as a teacher speak highly of his teaching style and love for what he does. He loves teaching at Romeo and calls it “his school, his town.” His admiration for Romeo and passion for teaching earn him respect among both students and staff. Katie Forro (12) enjoys having Mr. Bryant as a teacher and his class.

“Mr. Bryant gives his all into being a teacher,” Forro said, “He puts in more hours that most teachers and I really appreciate all that he does for us. He even gets a lot of us jobs and scholarships.”

Mr. Bryant is one’s true definition of a Bulldog. His devotion to his students and his zeal when he teaches his lessons set him apart and make his classes exciting and enjoyable. Congratulations to Mr. Bryant for being the April 2014 Staff Member of the Month!


Adam Davis ’14


Mrs. Laura Rienas, Romeo High School’s Staff Member of the Month for April 2014, never fails to become a favorite teacher of her students. Her passion for teaching her classes on the essentials of human and earth sciences shows through everyday. Mrs. Rienas knew at a very early age how she wanted to make a career when she was older.

“I honestly think I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher,” Rienas said. “In preschool the teachers use to refer to me as little mother because I was always helping others, in elementary school I always helped my teachers correct papers, etc.  and I have always like “helping” people out.”

She went to college at Grand Valley State University and never questioned teaching, only expanding her love for students through her second love, athletics. At first she wanted to be an elementary school teacher until she found her self coaching cheerleading.  Her coaching abilities and determination brought the first state championship to Romeo High School as her team took home the state championship in competitive cheer.

“I originally wanted to be an elementary school teacher, that was until I coached at the middle school level. It was then I realized that I liked building onto their learned skills rather than teach the basics,” Rienas said.

Rienas has been teaching at Romeo high school for fifteen years now and has no plans of slowing down. While she no longer coaches cheerleading, she is very active in her kids extra curricular events, especially dance. She is one that brings many great qualities to the staff at Romeo and does everything she can to make sure her students achieve success through their academic journey.

Congratulations Mrs. Rienas for being the April 2014 Staff Member of the Month.



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