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Those whose last names begin with Fj – Lem know her as their counselor, but unfortunately the Class of 2018 and beyond will not. She is Mrs. Skelton, and after the 2013-2014 school year she will be retiring. She started out as a teacher, but then began her counseling career in 2000 at Eisenhower High School and continued with it when she moved to RHS in 2001.

“Always listening to students having personal and academic issues, I felt the need to get my Master’s Degree in Counseling,” Skelton said.

Skelton is an avid Detroit Tigers Fan who loves to paint, decorate, and travel.

“I have a cottage up north I like to go to. [I go] snowshoeing in winter, boating and swimming in summer. And [I like] reading.”

However, with her upcoming retirement, Skelton expects to be travelling a lot farther than the northern part of the mitten.

“In the fall I plan on going to Italy for approximately a month. In the winter, my husband and I are planning on going to Costa Rica,” she said.

Skelton’s daughter had originally gone to Italy and came back raving about the scenery and the food, especially the gelato. She plans on traveling to Tuscany, Rome, and Florence. As for Costa Rica, Skelton has friends who live there that will be showing her and her husband around. Being nominated for Staff Member of the Month came just in time for Skelton, whose counseling career is coming to a close.

“I was honored [to be nominated], because there are so many good staff members,” she said.

With this serving as a positive end to her career, Skelton is ready to move on.

“[I’m ready to] just be able to do whatever I want to do, and sleep in.”

Congratulations to Mrs. Skelton, Romeo’s April Staff Member of the Month!

George Wilson ’14 – Feature

Ms. Preczewski, Romeo High School’s Staff Member of the Month for April, spends much of her time helping and interacting with the students to show them a greater understanding of the world today. Before she started teaching, Miss Preczewski attended Albion college and Oakland University where she received her undergraduate in secondary education. She then later received her masters at Saginaw Valley State. Besides instructing english at the high school, Miss Preczewski also teaches a composition class at Baker.

“I really enjoy seeing students learn, the interactions with students, and talking about how things fly back in the past and how things are changing today”, Preczewski said.

Preczewski has been teaching at Romeo for 5 years and thoroughly enjoys her job and the community of Romeo.

“There is a lot of parent involvement, especially because I am the class advisor for the freshman, and it was really nice having the parents come in and help. I also do like that the students, for the most part, are very positive”, Preczewski said.

Aside from spending so much of her time dedicating herself to her students, Miss Preczewski enjoys riding her bike and hanging out with her friends. She even yearly participates in a 25-50 mile bike ride with her family in Traverse City.

Ms. Preczewski dedication displayed toward her work does not go unnoticed by her students.

“I’m always that person who is wanting to seek more information, wanting to tell people more information, it was just a natural step,” Miss. Preczewski said.

Congratulations to Ms. Preczewski, Romeo’s April Staff Member of the Month!

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