Amanda LeBlanc ‘21: Voting time, the point in the year that people from all over assemble to vote on topics important to them and their community. For room B116, this election day was different. Mrs. Ferrington, AP Government teacher, held elections to teach students about the process of voting. With peers as their candidates, students learn what elections consist of and how they run in the real world.

The elections included a total of 18 separate parties to begin with. Each party was then sorted into a primary and compared to like-minded platforms. From there, a primary election was held to narrow down to only 6 parties. Once the main candidates were selected, students made commercials and posters to promote their party and the ones they support or oppose. 

“My favorite part was putting up posters and having my friends come and help put them up,” runner up, Will Frank ‘21, said.

Voting day took place on Monday, January 13, during all lunches. After tallying all of the votes, Ferrington announced the winner later that night. Coming in first place with a staggering 45.2% was Sam Lovell and the United Centralists Party. Following in 2nd, Will Frank and the Shrek Party received 25% of votes with Matt Petrovski and the Cooperative Party trailing in 3rd, earning 15.3% of votes.

Allowing students to take a stance on their own beliefs for the government and building an entire platform based off of those beliefs shows the fundamentals of creating a party. This project teaches students the work that goes into creating political parties, but it primarily shows them how to stay true to their beliefs and what they stand for.

“My favorite moments though are the ones that most students don’t see in the ads or the commercials,” Ferrington said. “They are the moments where a student realizes that their beliefs are being challenged…and they, no matter how much outside pressure they get, choose to be true to their core beliefs instead of compromising on something they really don’t believe in.”

Majority of students truly enjoyed the project and prefer it over traditional lectures and note-taking. The amount of time and effort put into each individual platform shows the dedication of students towards their ideas. Some students especially enjoyed this project because of their interest in the government and how it functions. 

“I love politics, so this was really a fun project for me,” winner, Samuel Lovell ‘21, said. “I was pleasantly surprised when the official results came in. My group got nearly 1 of 2 voters, which is super impressive in a field of 6 candidates.”

All students stepped up to the challenge of creating their own political platform. With the next presidential election coming up, students saw a glimpse of the amount of effort put into each platform and a better concept of the roles of political parties.

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