BrookeLynn Tremblay ‘17 – Buffalo Wild Wings, the post-game hotspot, was officially closed for renovation early this September. It is due to reopen on September 17th.  In the meantime, students were frantic in finding a replacement.

“I went to Chili’s, but I definitely prefer B-dubs. It is very open and even when you aren’t by your friends the atmosphere is still enjoyable,” Alexandria Malcolm ‘17 said.

The reopening is highly anticipated by locals, especially here at Romeo High, but that isn’t the only to look forward to. By November of this year, Five Guys will be opening on 26 mile road. This well-renowned burger joint has students anxious for it’s arrival.

“I have never been to Five Guys, but I have heard great things about it and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of their burgers,” Kade Messner ‘17 said.

Though the 17th may seem too far away to wait, students and staff will soon be able to return to their favorite after-school hangout.


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