Ryan Nawrocki ‘18: Senior, Anna Eschenburg, has made Romeo history. Escheburg is the first student from Romeo to ever commit to row in college on a scholarship. Eastern Michigan took her swimming abilities and upper body strength into consideration when deciding to pursue Eschenburg.

“It is very exciting,” Eschenburg ‘18 said. “I always knew I wanted to pursue athletics in college, but I didn’t know exactly what.”

Her aunt then suggested to look into rowing as a way to stay in shape and further her athletics, as well as a way to meet new people.

Eschenburg liked the idea so much that she decided to contact Eastern Michigan, her preferred college choice. After exchanging emails, Eschenburg visited Eastern twice on an unofficial and official visit.

“I really enjoyed Eastern and rowing was something I could picture myself doing in the future,” Eschenburg said. “I have never rowed in my life, but it is something any athlete can transfer into with good endurance and strength.”

Eschenburg signed her letter of intent on November 14, making it official.

“I’m excited for this new chapter and I am looking forward to what the future will bring,” Eschenburg said.

The road ahead is promising and Romeo is excited to see where this new adventure will take Eschenburg.

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