Natasha Stevanovich ‘17-  Andrew Long ‘16, Technical Director of Romeo Theatre Company, spends an average of 5 hours per day in the theatre after school, but well over 10 hours thinking about everything in every area he needs to work on.

Long is in charge of set design, drafting for carpenters, running the building of the set, taking inventory, working with Mrs. Knoblock on budget and cost, and maintenance during the show. Backstage, he helps anyone who needs it.

“To me, theatre means family, I really enjoy what I do and it’s meaningful because everything in theatrics is relatable in some way, whether it’s to you or someone you know,” Long said.

Being a part of a close knit team provides the experience of having a second family. In the theatre company, all the late nights and long days present opportunities to build relationships with new people and learn new things.

“I learned not to take anything for granted. You meet people from all different walks of life and you learn you might not have it the hardest,” Long said. “Especially close to the show when things gets crazy and everyone’s stressed. Some people can’t check their issues at the front door, so you learn about them.”

Being a senior this year, Long looked back on his previous shows and knew he wanted to continue this experience after high school. His hopes are to attend Oakland University and major in Theatre design and tech.

“We really are a family, it’s a family you never really leave even after you’ve graduated. We might be dysfunctional and political at times, but we learn from each other’s experiences and are always there for one another,” Long said. “At State Theatre Fest a term was made up to describe us; ‘We travel as one.’”


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