Max Lucci 16’ – Quakes, goosebumps, cold sweats and nightmares add to a list of side effects produced by American Horror Story. But does this season live up to the other three? American Horror Story is a modern horror show spanning over four seasons completely changing plots with each season. AHS takes viewers on a terrifying roller coaster ride through haunted houses, torturous asylums, cults of witches and most recently under the big top. The show creates deep emotional connections to each character no matter how big (or small) their role may be. Casting directors keep the fan base on the edge of their seats with curiosity by recasting individual actors in a different roll every season.

Freakshow is unique in the way that it draws compassion for the “freaks” that were subjected to abuse and mistreatment by the very townspeople they strive to entertain. This season was much more anticipated by general viewers and die hard fans alike, but does it live up to all the hype? Freakshow draws on coulrophobia or the fear of clowns by introducing the not so friendly clown, Twisty. This horrific plot intertwines with a ring leader who has not stopped chasing her childhood dream and a close knit group of “freaks,” all investing their lives in a failing show. Persevering through constant exploitation and the lack of audience at their nightly shows, they look to each other for support and hope. `

This season pulls much more on heart strings than any season before, bringing anticipation, fear and even tears. Passionate bonds created for each “freak” form from vividly illustrating each individual backstory and the rough path that lead them to the Fraulein Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities. This brings more feeling to the typically numbing horror of most scary stories; this molds a distinct separation between Freakshow and the other three seasons. Each character gives a first impression that might not come off positive but elaboration of their stories bring new ideas regarding every “freak.” AHS for sure lives up to the excitement it caused and deserves every new viewer that it’s drawn in.

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