Sydney Raines ‘17 — Fall cannot officially start without flannels, football, and most importantly, American Horror Story. This past summer, creepy teasers plastered everywhere imaginable left fans drooling for more. The confusing images and clips left die-hard fans battling over the possible theme of the new season. Unusually scattered promo ads make anxious audience members wonder, are these even related? Back with a bang, AHS presents “My Roanoke Nightmare”.

Immediately thrown into the episode, viewers notice a strange twist never done by the AHS crew before: a dramatically different filming style.  Taping the show documentary style with doubles for each character dramatizes the events occurring at Roanoke. The original character explains the frightening event that occurred as the doppelgänger acts it out. In the past, the show stuck with the traditional movie filming style, and the new style change may make or break this season.

The audience primarily follows Shelby and Matt played by Lily Rabe and Andre Holland respectively. Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding, Jr. play the doppelgängers. After a run-in with racial discrimination, the couple flees to the other side of the country to find an expensive new house. The $40,000 home brings trials and tribulations that the innocent couple did not expect. Freaky paranormal activity surrounds Roanoke, leaving the couple torn between their dream home and their relationship.

The intro that viewers across the nation know and love also came with an unexpected change. Scenes from the episode are pasted into the opening intro instead of the usual creepy clips that relate to the plot as a whole. Fans gazed at their TV sets and asked, will this be a reoccurring thing?

The plot of this season looks extremely promising. All except fan favorite, Jessica Lange, return for what could potentially be the best season of AHS to date. The pilot episode set the scare factor to a new high last Thursday, which left viewers in awe. The creepy crawlies and goosebumps are here to stay with the wacky and unpredictable nature that is American Horror Story. Tune in every Wednesday to get sucked in for another great season.

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