Jenna Knepper ‘21: Road safety. Something we hear about all the time but don’t always apply to our lives. Safe driving becomes a relevant topic as recent devastating accidents become a common occurrence.

On Sunday, January 6, a family trip resulted in the death of five. This tragic accident took place in Lexington, Kentucky. As the family from Metro Detroit drove back from Florida, they got hit by a truck driving in the wrong direction.

Both parents, and their three children, Ali (8th grade), Isabella (7th grade), and Giselle (2nd grade) died in the crash. The incident remains under investigation. Our hearts go out to this grieving family and all those affected by this tremendous loss” stated a letter the family’s school district sent out to Northville Public schools.

Police found the driver, killed during the accident, of the truck that hit the Abbas family under the influence. Baring a scary resemblance, another accident took place the day before with similar causes.

On January 5, A fifteen year old boy, Anthony, got run over by a BMW at 6:10pm, Saturday evening. The 33 year old driver, believed to be under the influence of Marijuana, creating an all too familiar story.

As the families of both these accident victims mourn over the losses of their loved ones, the Romeo Community sends their condolences to everyone affected by these terrible incidents. A sadly relevant topic, safe driving remains necessary to all drivers.

It becomes imperative that the drivers at Romeo High School take many precautions during the winter season. Wearing seatbelts, check twice before crossing any intersection, and driving slow make for a safer driver especially when the roads ice over. Practicing safe driving not only keeps the driver safe, it also keeps Romeo safe. With multiple crashes occurring daily due to weather conditions, students need to exercise extra vigilance.


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