Rebecca Sebastian ‘20: With only a few weeks left in the first semester, seniors start to think about what their future holds and begin submitting their college applications. 2019 Romeo Graduate, Adam Sebastian, offers his advice and experiences to help students with their difficult decision of picking the perfect school. 

When making the big college decision, Sebastian considered two colleges; Western Michigan University and Oakland University. He received substantial scholarships from both schools, making his final choice difficult. 

“I chose to attend Oakland University in order to save money because with my major I will be in school for a long time,” Sebastian said. “So far I am still happy with my decision because it allows me to work part-time and go to school along with enjoying all the benefits of living at home.”

About one semester into his college education, Sebastian feels as if he made the right decision on the perfect college for him. 

“I like how Oakland is super close and rather small yet it still provides a large college feeling. The campus is also very modern with plenty of areas to relax and work on homework in between classes,” Sebastian said. 

Many students believe they can only get a full college experience by living on campus. However, Sebastian gets to participate in many activities in his free time, although not on campus.

“Since I live at home, I am unable to attend as many school functions as many other students who go away to college,” Sebastian said. “Therefore, I needed to find other activities to include during my study breaks. During these breaks, I decided to work two jobs and learn to play a musical instrument. Both of these activities provide me with a much needed break from school.”

The idea of living at home and commuting to school worries some seniors, but perhaps commuting proves the better option for some students.  

“Commuting is not all that bad. Some days there are more traffic than others which is a little burdensome but the worst part is parking. If I am not at school by 8:00 there is almost no chance at finding a decent parking spot. Overall, commuting is completely worth all the money you save,” Sebastian said. 

Although some students want to move out right away, Sebastian offers a bit of advice for seniors on deciding what choice suits them best.

“The best advice I can give is perhaps the best route to save money for college is to commute because it will greatly help to alleviate the stress of facing student debt when leaving college, especially if you are going to be in college for a long time. If you want to go to a large university try attending community college for a few years first then transfer because saving money, especially as a college student, should be imperative. I think you can still get the college experience even at a local college, you just need to look a little harder but it is completely worth all the money that you will save,” Sebastian said. 

So seniors, living at home and commuting to school saves you from the burdens of stress and helps you financially in the future.

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