Katelynn Medley ‘20: With senioritis hitting an all high time throughout the senior class, students sit through their last months of high school, eager to experience college life. Many of these seniors begin getting nervous despite the excitement. What classes to take, what to bring, what to major in? The endless list of questions asked go on.

Coming from two freshmen at Michigan State University, and Romeo Alumni of the 2017 class, Ryan Medley and Chloe Alverson provide high school seniors with some tips.

Meal Plans

It seems like boys always have an overzealous appetite, so having a meal plan in college gives them everything they need to keep their hunger under control.

“Having a meal plan is awesome,” Medley said. “If you want to eat junk food you can or if you want to eat like a health freak you can. The options are endless. I highly recommend having a meal plan.”

For people who aren’t as intuitive about what they eat, meal plans still are a great option.

“At Michigan State, all freshman have to be on some type of meal plan, so I didn’t have a choice whether or not to be on one,” Alverson said. “Even the most basic meal plan at MSU has unlimited swipes using our ID cards. I never go hungry.”

Saving Money

Saving money proves a big challenge for some, and a walk in the park for others. The people who struggle still find ways to manage.

“I’m pretty awful at saving money, but my best advice would be to avoid the late night food runs and to try and walk everywhere instead of Uber,” Medley said. “Also to get good, filling, food from the Cafe instead of having to go out and buy snacks.”

As for those who find it easy to save money with no problems, they follow certain guidelines.

“I’m pretty good at saving money,” Alverson said. “I think when you’re on your own in college, there’s more temptation to spend your money on stuff that’s not important because you don’t have anyone to tell you no. I don’t spend money on anything unless I really need it. I don’t eat out as often as I did in high school, so that helps me save money. I also had a job junior and senior year of high school and saved up a lot of money through that. I’m pretty busy with cheer this year, so I wasn’t able to get a job. But when I come home for breaks, I tried babysitting when I could to make some extra money.”

Choosing A Major

Many struggle when it comes to choosing a major.

“Don’t overthink your major and if you’re uncertain, get a major that’s broad and always know your major won’t always end up being what your job is,” Medley said. “Just take it day by day.”

Some believe your major has to be set in stone and cannot change, but that isn’t the case.

“As far as majors go, I knew I wanted to go into journalism my junior year of high school. That hasn’t really wavered for me, so picking a major was never an issue. I know it seems like you have to have it all figured out by freshman year of college, but you don’t,” Alverson said. “There are lots of classes and clubs to get involved in to help you find which major suits you best. Lots of my friends have switched their majors, some multiple times. Your major isn’t something set in stone, and I think many people don’t realize that.”

Dorm Life

Moving into a new home causes feelings of fear and unfamiliarity, but bringing some things that are familiar will make your dorm feel like home.

“I would recommend planning with your roommate what each of you are bringing to the dorm,” Alverson said. “It all depends on what your dorm comes with. My roommate brought a microwave, rug, and TV. I brought the futon and the mini fridge. We both decorated our sides of the room with pictures, lights, and posters, which makes it feel more homey and comfortable.”

Bring anything and everything that means the world to you.

“Bring anything you can’t picture living without,” Medley said. “All the necessary clothes, some snacks, and definitely some cool posters and a calendar.”


Between the classes you take, and no parents to watch over you, things get messy and out of control. Keeping everything organized will work to your own personal benefit.

“I’m someone who gets stressed out very easily, so I keep a planner on me all the time. I write everything in it,” Alverson said. “I also use the calendar on my computer and phone to set alarms for important dates like project due dates. I keep checklists on my computer of everything I have to do for the week, and check things off as I go along. It makes you feel accomplished.”

Keeping checklists ensures that you won’t miss any important dates or deadlines.

“I always have a google doc open on my computer of my to-do list for that week. That helps me a lot and make sure to always keep your backpack cleaned out” Medley said.

Meeting New People

Growing up in the small community of Romeo where everybody knows everyone, college life and living with strangers on a big campus proves a lot different for the alumni.

“My biggest piece of advice is to get involved. That’s how I have made some of my best friends in college,” Alverson said. “Don’t be afraid to talk to people or to look dumb either. Once you get to college, nobody is all up in your business, so it’s nice to be able to put yourself out there without feeling judged.”

Don’t let your fears of embarrassment hold yourself back, put yourself out there, odds are, other people are getting the courage to do the same thing.

“Always put yourself out there to meet people,” Medley said. “Conversate in classes and always take the initiative to introduce yourself to someone new on the daily.”

Seniors, don’t take the last couple months in high school for granted. Take this time to prepare for the future and what lies ahead of you. With one adventure closing, the next one opens…

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