Khadeejah Ahmed ’14 – News Editor

Romeo High School held their annual Mr. Bulldog Pageant on February 6th, 2014. Adam Davis, (12) at Romeo High School, was crowned the 2014 Mr. Bulldog. Having lived up to his family’s storied history in the Pageant, Davis was ecstatic about receiving the crown and title.

“It felt great to get the win. There was a little pressure on my shoulders, since both of my brothers won in previous years, but in the end we all had fun and it was for a charity,” Davis said.

For the talent portion, Davis and three of his closest friends; Mitchell Hess (12), Brandon Lebioda (12), and Zach Rizo (12),  performed a dance to A Million Ways by OK Go.

“I thought it would be fun to dance out there on stage with my best friend. I’d do anything to help him out,” Lebioda said.

The Mr. Bulldog Pageant put on a great show for the community, but as Davis points out, it more importantly raised $4,787 contributing to Romeo’s Charity Week fundraiser for Rainbow Connection.

“I’m honored to be apart of such a big fundraiser. The Rainbow Connection is a special program and it feels awesome to entertain people to raise money for them,” Davis said.

Photo by Gina Bologna ’14

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