Giovanna Ruffino ‘19 and Austin Taseski ‘21: The Designation Ceremony, held on Friday, September 7th, 2018, launched the new Academies at Romeo. Detroit News, Macomb daily, and Channel 4 each sent reporters to cover the event.  

As a senior, Giovanna Ruffino, and an ambassador of the Brand Team of Communications, the Designation Ceremony marked a true change in Romeo Community Schools system. The academies provide students with a more hands-on experience in their education to better themselves for their future. My involvement in the brand team lead me to learn a tremendous amount about the Romeo Academies compared to most students at the high school. My excitement continued as  the effort put into the ideas finally presented itself for the rest of Romeo to see at the Designation Ceremony. As a senior, looking back on my four years of high school, I feel that the academy system provides incoming freshman with better opportunities to leave high school with.

Given the opportunity to attend, several lucky students got to witness the hard work, dedication, and time spent prior to the ceremony, first hand. Each given the opportunity to witness this revolutionary education system Romeo built.

“I thought it was cool to see who was involved in the entire project, and I believe the academies will give the students new opportunities to try out something that actually interests them instead of just doing the same generic thing at school everyday,” Julia Fadanelli ‘19 said.

As a sophomore, Austin Taseski, and an ambassador of the Brand Team, I believe the new academy model gives great opportunities to the new freshman coming into Romeo. The academies allow you to pick an interesting career choice to follow and pursue, but students get the chance to really learn about something they enjoy. The Academies at Romeo give you an optimistic future no matter the academy you chose to join. Interactive and interesting learning boost the morale of students and make learning fun. Working along with the Brand Team showed me just how important working together is. The Brand Team, views themself as a family and hopes to come together to positively affect the future of Romeo Community Schools.

The Designation Ceremony kicks off yet another great school year for Romeo and looks to lead to an even a better future.

“The Academies give me an opportunity to really think about what I want to be when I grow up,” Carlyn Shango ‘22 said.

The Brand Team Ambassadors, Julia Fadanelli ‘19, Giovanna Ruffino ‘19, Bryce Tinson ‘20, Austin Taseski ‘21, have worked with the Brand Team since the beginning of 2018, with the goal of informing all community members of opportunities presented within the Academies. With the opportunity to work with professionals, we watched a small idea come to life. Towards the beginning of their meetings, the Ambassadors had complicated tasks of forming a brand promise and a tagline . The completion of the presentation lead to the Designation Ceremony. Students, faculty, administrators, business partners, and parents look forward to seeing the positive changes the Romeo Academies bring to our community.  

Photo Credit: John Taseski

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