Austin Taseski ‘21: 2020, a year of firsts. Many believe that the experience of students’ senior year of highschool comes once in a lifetime. Because of the virus that continues to spread through the United States, the final year of high school for 12th graders at Romeo High School came to a screeching halt. 

Many seniors looked forward to spring break, prom, and more. Their feelings and demeanor diminished, after the COVID-19 pandemic took all those activities away from them.

“It came at us so fast. At first we were joking around about it in class and now it actually happened. It’s hard to believe it to be honest with you,” Brandt Messner ‘20 said. 

The CDC reported that currently the United States contains over one million cases. It continues to devastate seniors around the country, that their last year of public schooling is taken away by something they cannot control. 

“I’ve waited 12 years of schooling to finally get to do all the things the seniors do their senior year. To have it taken away so suddenly, it honestly hasn’t hit me yet. I know there’s worse things going on in the world via the coronavirus, but it still doesn’t make the seniors experience any different. It truly is heartbreaking to have all these things change so suddenly, and to not see your classmates the last couple months before you head to college. I’m hoping eventually in the late summer we will be able to celebrate our senior year together,” Katie Medley ‘20.

Athletes in Romeo have also been affected. Baseball, track, and the girls soccer season all were cancelled due to the coronavirus. 

“I was looking forward to this season because we did really good last year. I guess we can’t finish what we started but it’s not like I can change what happened. I just hope this is over soon so I can see my friends again,” Michael Severini ‘20 said. 

Everyone is affected in some way, shape, or form in a tragedy like the one the world faces right now. The Romeo community faces a challenge that must be overcomed. With businesses closing, and restaurants losing business, one only hopes that this pandemic leaves citizens soon. Being with friends and family proves to be a pivotal aspect of lives in the country and specifically Romeo. For seniors, this time with friends and family is important. Unfortunately coronavirus takes them away from the fun and joy of 2020. 

Although all the negative presents itself in situations like this, we must look at the positive. Many have got to spend more time with family. Bonding, making new amends, and comforting each other helps many people stay positive. 

Coronavirus took away senior year, but it did not take away the senior’s pride. These young adults will arise from tragedy and pain and come out with more love and affection than ever. 

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