Jared Czapski ‘18: The girls varsity soccer team hosted a home game against the Henry Ford Falcons. To start, the weather proved to be unfavorable for both teams. Throughout the entire game, hail proceeded to downpour on the players and the field, setting an eerie tone to the game. As unpleasant as the weather happened to be, the game went on. The Bulldogs seniors took the field for the first half in hopes of taking their first win against the Falcons in their last year of play. The score by the end of the first half 0-2, Falcons lead. All hope was not lost, as the Bulldogs did not give in. Amber Flinn came out in the second half with 2 goals to even it out to a 2-2 score. Falcons answered only 1 point in the second half to ride home with a 3-2 victory.

Standout performances from two of the senior defenders, Jessica Roland and Gabriella Ames, were vital to the team’s overall possession and performance. Offensively, Amber Flinn nearly had a hat-trick, scoring 2 goals in the second half, and having a well-rounded first half.

“In the first half we struggled a lot and definitely didn’t play to our full potential but in the second half we definitely came back and played like the team I know we are,” Jessica Roland said. “We may not have won the game, but it was a very hard fought battle and we worked together as a team to keep ourselves in the game.”

The Bulldogs new record of 2-2 is looking to be improved on Friday in their exhibition match against the Stevenson Titans.

Jared Czapski ‘18: The girls varsity soccer team held another home game last week against the Stevenson Titans. Playing a team from the MAC Red, a division above them, the girls knew they had a tough game ahead of them. Julienne Ciacico is immediately related to one of the girl on Stevenson’s soccer team, so she felt she needed to play her best. Not even 2 minutes into the game, Ciacico had scored what she describes as, “one of the best goals I have ever scored.” A goal that early in the game is a dominating factor, and a huge confidence boost. The rest of the game goes by without a score by either team, and the Bulldogs leave victorious.

“I usually play with my sister, and not against her, so it made the game a lot more competitive and enjoyable,” Ciacico ‘18 said.

The girls record was improved to 3-2 and are looking forward to playing Grosse Pointe North on Monday, April 23.

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