Sarah Spuz ‘17 – After winning an impressive number of medals, and only being on the Varsity Bowling team for only one year, Krystal Radzitowski ‘17, is scoring her way to one of the top spots on the bowling team.

“I decided to join the bowling team last year, my dad used to bowl and I thought he was really good,” Radzitowski said. “Since my dad was really good, that inspired me to join the team.”

Only a sophomore when she made it onto the varsity team, Radzitowski showed great talent early in her career. Her bowling skills have since been noticed by a variety of people, including college bowling teams. She has been offered four scholarships to bowl in college.

“Last year, I had multiple colleges looking at me,” Radzitowski said. “They weren’t supposed to be looking at me yet because I was only a sophomore, I got four scholarship options, one in New Hampshire, two in Michigan, and one in Kentucky.”

Radzitowski’s determination is especially shown when competing at tournaments as she scores over 200 points on average. Scoring that high usually places her in the top rankings.

“Last year she was voted for the most valuable player, and she definitely deserved it,” Sam Foster ‘17 said. “She is a really good bowler.”

Radzitowski’s hard work and dedication made her one of the best bowlers in the area. Scoring herself four scholarship opportunities to bowl in college so far, it is likely she will continue to impress with her bowling skills later in life.

UPDATE: Krystal Radzitowski qualified for States in Bowling this past weekend (2/27/2016-2/28/2016)

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