Kenneth Borycz ‘18: On Tuesday, April 10, President Donald J. Trump announced the nomination of Marine Corps Col. Lorna Mahlock, the first African American female Brigadier General.

Col. Lorna M. Mahlock currently stands as the deputy director of operations, plans, and policies at Marine Corps headquarters outside Washington, D.C. This nomination is not the first of its kind in the United States Military, but it is the first in the United States Marine Corps.

The first African American female General came from the United States Air Force in May of 1991, when Marcelite J. Harris was promoted to Brigadier General of the Air force and ended her career as a Major General.

With being the smallest branch in the Department of Defense, the Marine corps also have the lowest female population percentage of all the branches. And just under a hundred women across active duty and reserve Marines are serving in various combat job fields that were previously closed to women until 2015 when previous President, Barack Obama, changed the laws and allowed females to serve in combat roles.

“Over my 30 years in the Marine Corps, my experience in terms of how women have evolved has been very positive,” Mahlock told Marine Times. “It’s been a steady rise. I’m very, very hopeful.”

This promotion is one of many to come in the United States military. We wish Col. Lorna Mahlock good luck with her new position.


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