Emi McCullough ’22: As Romeo High school makes the transition from hybrid learning to fully remote, many students face difficulties while learning online. During this time, it becomes hard to find ways to successfully complete school work, stay focused, and stay organized. Here are some tips that may help during remote learning. 

  • Maintain a planner and write down all the assignments that need to get done, tracking what assignments are due each day of the week. This will help to stay organized and prepared for each class. 
  • Check teachers’ Planbooks often to find the learning agenda and homework assignments for that week. By looking at your teachers’ Planbooks, it will help to know what to prepare for. 
  • Take notes during class. This will help while studying for a test or doing homework. Having notes provides a good tool to look back on or to reference. 
  • Do not be afraid to contact your teachers or to ask questions during the Google Meets. Asking questions is good, and there remains nothing to be ashamed of for seeking further help on an assignment.
  • While in school, find or create a space where you successfully learn during class. Create a space that provides a good working environment for you. Having this space to work in will help keep you focused and ready to learn during each class. 
  • Prepare for the day by putting all materials needed during the day in your workspace. This will make the transition between each class period go smoother, and this will also help to keep organized for each class. 
  • Remove all distractions while in school. For example, phones become a large distraction  and prevent you from learning and staying focused in class. By removing distractions like your phone, you will be able to stay focused and pay more attention during class. 
  • Check your email and PowerSchool multiple times a day. Teachers often update grades, so taking a look at PowerSchool will help inform you if you have everything turned in and what you may be missing. Also, teachers contact students through email, so checking your email will also keep you up to date and help you communicate with teachers. 

Online learning may feel tough, and students face many new challenges and difficulties. By incorporating these tips, it will help this transition go a little smoother and stress free. 

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