Paul Hurley ’16: Romeo High School and every other school in Macomb County needs to remember the name, Blake McRae ‘19. If you don’t get used to the name now, you are sure to hear it endless times in the next three years.

Already dominating in basketball and making the varsity baseball team, McRae’s career at Romeo is just taking off.

The freshman played 18 games with the JV basketball team this season, averaging over 20 points per game. Following his success on JV, he was then moved up to varsity.

Right on que the boys went on a four game winning streak with McRae at the reigns. It wasn’t until his first ever playoff game where he left his mark.

McRae scored 11 points in limited minutes, even adding a half court shot to end the third quarter.

“That was so much fun,” McRae said. “I just wanted to make the most of my opportunity and most of all win the game.”

Keeping his composure and playing relaxed in a situation most fear, McRae gave the varsity team a much needed spark to ignite a playoff run.

Preparing all offseason as an 8th grader, he is the first non-Cushingberry freshman to be on varsity in the last 15 years.

“To be able to play on varsity as a Freshman will benefit me so much in the future,” McRae said.

Blake is not a one trick pony, he is also a highly regarded baseball prospect across the state of Michigan.

Stepping onto the varsity team day one, he wasted no time on the JV or Freshman team.

Seeking to add power into the lineup, the outfielder spends most of his time in the batting cages.

“I’m excited to show what I can do at the varsity level,” McRae said. “I think I will contribute best batting, however I can still add some fielding into the picture.”

There isn’t much time for down time between his rigorous sports schedule. If it is not in season, he spends most of his days working on his craft.

However, McRae still challenges himself above the rest academically, taking three honors classes in his first year of high-school.

“My family pushes me to spend as much time academically as I do athletically. I think that’s real important in me pursuing success.”

Remember the name, Blake McRae. This is not the last you will hear it.

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