A family man, a traveler, a historian, a father in and out of the classroom; Scott “Kim” Lamb  exemplifies qualities of educational excellence and is revered by many. Lamb was nominated as Romeo High School’s “Teacher of the Year” for a Macomb County Competition.

Admired by his students as a dedicated educator and friend, Lamb teaches the World History, Advanced Placement World History, and World Studies East classes.

“For the love… why?” Lamb replied humbly when inquired about the competition. “Being nominated is a big enough award.”

Lamb’s passion for exploration and ancient cultures permeates throughout his classroom, filling his students with the desire to learn what made our world the way it is. As an Advanced Placement teacher, Lamb goes the extra mile to make sure his students are prepared, often staying after school to guide study sessions and cover extra material. The history of the world, understandably, is a lot of ground to cover.

“I love teaching students,” Lamb said. “I love the job. I still enjoy my subject and the chances I’m given to present it to students. I get excited when they understand the concepts and begin to see the world differently.”

Students look up to Lamb for his calm and friendly demeanor, and his willingness to help anyone who needs it. A father of three, Lamb gives his all both to his family and his students.. He refers to his classes as his “Uji”—meaning “family” in Japanese.

“I like that I get along with most students,” Lamb said. “I try to relate to them. Romeo students are awesome.”

While Lamb is in contention for Macomb’s “Teacher of the Year”, his students have called him this all year. To many who attend Romeo High, Scott Lamb is more than a teacher; he’s a friend, a guide, a role model, and an inspiration.

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