Miller ’22: With the end of the school year nearing, senior students get ready to move on with adventures while passing the torch to underclassmen. For National Honors Society (NHS), senior students prepare to pass on their roles to inspiring juniors. The election process started with a speech given in front of the junior class and senior board members as well as Mrs. Gedert, the advisor of NHS. After each speech, students then interview with the senior board and Mrs. Gedert to help with the final decision. “I think it is good because it expresses the character of the applicants and how they present themselves to their fellow classmates. It also allows us to see how their classmates react to their personalities. By holding meets with each separate applicant we get to dive deeper into who they are as a person which may not have been fully represented by their speech,” NHS Vice President Gabriella Kirsh ‘22 said. 

The new board members take on the responsibility of running NHS with the help of Mrs Gedert. NHS welcomes new board members: Kayla Thomas ‘23, Mackenzie McCloud ‘23, Calli Hotter ‘23, and Evalyn Vires ‘23. Each student takes on the responsibility of logging hours and helping with events such as monthly meetings and the annual blood drive. 

Kayla Thomas, the new president of NHS, takes on a large role for her senior year. The president takes on the biggest role with the help of other board members. Along with her role as president of NHS, she participates in National Technical Honors Society (NTHS), S.E.R.V.E (Students Enriching Romeo through Volunteer Experience), and competitive dance. Thomas remains excited to work with all of the board members next year as well as Mrs. Gedert, “to expand community outreach,” Thomas ‘23 said. Her dedication to commit her time to help the school community and the Romeo community remains evident in her take on volunteering. “There are a lot of different opportunities and it can be really fun and it does not feel like volunteering especially when you do it with your friends,” Thomas said. 

Mackenzie McCloud, future vice president, remains a very active member of the school community. Her participation in numerous clubs includes theater, student council, and S.E.R.V.E. As the vice president, her responsibility includes helping the president as well as logging hours. “Knowing that I can be there if the president is not there and playing a big role in helping. I like to be a leader because it not only helps build my ability but it is fun,” McCloud said. McCloud loves to challenge herself and continue to grow as a leader through her many club activities. McCloud also applied due to her love of volunteering. “It makes you feel good knowing you are helping the community and it is fun doing it with your friends. It is a great way to give back,” McCloud said. 

Calli Hotter, the new treasurer, participates in many activities throughout the community. Her community and school involvement in activities such as S.E.R.V.E e-board, dance team, HOSA, and student council. Hotter remains excited to continue to grow in her volunteering experience next school year. “I am excited to come up with new service events,” Hotter said. Her excitement to continue to bring new events for NHS shows her dedication and desire to make NHS the best it can be. The commitment each student makes to NHS as well as the e-board makes an impact on the community. “It represents RHS well and students will be surprised about the happiness it brings them,” Hotter said. Hotter’s enjoyment in making a difference in the community represents great leadership skills.

Evalyn Vires, future NHS secretary, participates in many activities in the community as well as NHS. She participates in NTHS, environmental club, volleyball, RAAC (Romeo Athletic Advisory Committee), S.E.R.V.E e-board, as well as an Academy Ambassador. Her participation shows her dedication to give back to the community in many ways. ”I like volunteering because I like giving back to my community for the opportunities they gave to me. So I want to give back for a thank you,” Vires said. Vires’ recognition for the part the community played in her life demonstrates great leadership skills helpful for her new position. Vires first applied for the club to help in the student community and remains excited for her position next year. “I am really excited because we have a really good team. I really like the people I am working with because we have some good things in store,” Vires said.

With the new board member selection, the senior students prepare to pass the torch to new ideas. The excitement of the board members remains hopeful for the future of the club and new ideas for next year.

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