Jack Stager ‘22: The 2021 Homecoming week kicked off with a highly anticipated Powderpuff game between the class of 2022 and the class of 2023. The hyped up matchup between the seniors and juniors seemed to hold extra meaning this year because the Senior class achieved the impossible last year by dethroning the class of 2021. Shockingly, the 2021 Powderpuff game kicked off with the juniors coming out very strong.

The juniors started the game with a 60 yard run to take the first score of the game along with the added two point conversion. A drive after, the seniors returned the favor and scored, completing the two point conversion as well.

After a back and forth game the senior defense prevailed with help from an interception by Olivia Howes ‘22. The Seniors defeated the Juniors 16-14, defensive tackle Ashley Meyers ‘22 gave the juniors well deserved props.

“I thought we played well, I have to hand it to the juniors, they came out strong, but we just grouped together as a team and took the win in a great game,” Meyers said.

Ashley dominated on defense and came up with a huge third down stop late in the second half. Her best friend, Autumn Szlaga ‘22 backed her up on her quote.

“It was a good game, both sides played very well and their QB Reese Fountain played well along with her fav wideout, Olivia Cacko ‘21. In the end, we took the win and that was because of our defense shaping up in the second half and making some minor adjustments,” Szlaga said.

Autumn flew all over the field at cornerback and added a few tackles to the stat sheet as well. Overall the senior class fought hard and played a great defensive game.

The head coach from the juniors, Brandon Spuz ‘23 shared his thoughts on the game.

“I thought the game was rigged and that there were some questionable calls but my girls fought hard and we are going to be very prepared next year to take the win against the class of 2024,” Spuz said.

The junior class looks to regroup and prepare for next year’s 2022 powderpuff game against the class of 2023, and for the seniors, they can happily graduate knowing that they took care of business both junior and senior years. All in all, the 2021 Powderpuff game resulted in a great time and a great way to kick off a whole week of homecoming fun.

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