Cambell Geibel ‘21: The students of Romeo High School enjoy and look forward to the crowning of their Homecoming King and Queen each year. Out of the several nominees to consider while voting, the majority of students chose Aly Malczewski ‘19 as their 2018 Homecoming Queen.


Announced at the Friday night homecoming football game against Dakota High School, Malczewski shared this moment with 2018 Homecoming King, Brock Horne ‘19.


“I was a little bit shocked when they announced us as king and queen,” Malczewski said. “I was really happy to be nominated with my boyfriend.”


Malczewski’s family and friends all felt the excitement surrounding the event too.


“They were very happy about my nomination, my parents always have my back, they are always there for me,” Malczewski said.


The newly crowned queen spends most of her time excelling in both school and hobbies. When not hitting the books, Malczewski plays soccer and runs track for Romeo High School.


“I like to be active in my freetime, even if it means just getting up and going on a walk,” Malczewski said.


Malczewski’s plans for her senior year includes maintaining good grades and getting into the college of her dreams.


“I would like to go to Michigan State or Western Michigan,” Malczewski said. “My goal is to become a speech pathologist”.


Malczewski feels grateful and cherishes the memory of experiencing homecoming as the queen alongside her family, friends, and boyfriend.


Austin Taseski ‘21: Suspense fills the air at the 2018 Homecoming Football game, with the announcement of king and queen. Brock Horne ‘19 and Alyson Malczewski ‘19 receive the honorable title of Homecoming King and Queen.


Horne a star football player, and even a better student, plays his heart out for the high school and on Friday, October 5, the student body named Horne Homecoming king, above of four other senior couples.


“It was really exciting during halftime to walk out and see all of my friends cheer me on for winning, and it gave me an awesome feeling to know everyone supports me,” Horne said.


With an outstanding performance during the game and even a more exciting weekend to come, Horne really appreciated the title of Homecoming King.


“Going to homecoming as a senior and winning, really felt different from the years before,” Horne said.


The community showed their excitement for the homecoming court with great cheering and smiles on Main street during the Homecoming Week Parade on Wednesday, October 3.


“All my family, friends and teammates shouted my name and were happy to see me, which couldn’t have made this week any better than what it already was,” Horne said.


Rnews wants to congratulate Brock Horne and Aly Malczewski as the 2018 Homecoming King and Queen.

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