Carlina Parrinello ‘21: The commotion of float building arrives, as Romeo’s homecoming inches closer and closer.

Getting rid of the playhouses, the Romeo Student Council takes a new approach of making the floats stand out.

“We are getting rid of the play houses because there was no one to give them away to, and we didn’t want to waste all of those materials,” Claire Spitz ‘20, Vice President of Student Council, said.

Since this year’s Homecoming theme revolves around the idea of a Game Night, the floats corresponds with a family game.

“At one of our first meetings we presented our ideas and everyone in student council instantly fell in love with the idea of Game Night,” Kyle Szydlik ‘20, President of Student Council, said.

With the Romeo Game Night theme, each float gets a board game to bring to life. Seniors chose the theme of Monopoly. Juniors got Candyland. Sophomores chose Guess Who?. Finally, the Freshman took on Chutes and Ladders. Challenging the expectations, students rush to the task to make it incredible.

“It was fun, it was good to see the students come together,” Eddie Finos ‘21.

Recognizing students coming together for the same goal, shows how Romeo acts as a community.

Anonymous judges voted on the floats at the homecoming game on October 6, 2018. Sophomores got fourth, freshmen took third, seniors finished in second, and juniors placed first.

In this time, the citizens of Romeo came together to celebrate homecoming. Elders, students, alumni, and children alike, show their pride for the town during the week’s festivities.

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