Kayla Kieleszewski ‘18- Romeo’s pride is unlike any school in the county. Game after game, the “Dawg Pound” travels distances to watch their beloved Bulldogs battle it out on the court, field, or arena. As tradition goes, the previous leader nominates one person who is in charge of the entire “Dawg Pound.” In past years, Mike Nakis ‘15, Noah Soave ‘16, Nolan Kare ‘17, all had the honor to lead one of the most energetic and passionate student sections in the state. Following Kare, Rhett Stahovec ‘18 will be carrying on the Bulldog tradition this year.

Romeo’s student section leader doesn’t just cheer on the sport in season, they create an active environment for the fans  to participate and celebrate their team.

One responsibility of Stahovec, as leader, is to decide the rest of the “Dawg Pound” to spell out Bulldogs. Seniors, Joseph Morris, Ryan Peters, Alec Lindecker, Anthony Volpe, Nicholas Behring, Luke Durham, Cole Harko, and Tyler Hugo as a fill-in (only if a senior isn’t present) all represent one letter. The senior boys truly enjoy participating every Friday night and representing the Romeo Bulldogs.

“Cheering on the team, being at the front and starting all of the chants is my favorite part of being in the Dawg Pound,” Lindecker ’18  said.

The leader, Stahovec, must also decide the cheers to shout throughout the course of the game. Some popular ones include “Romeo, Oh!” and “I Believe.” Each game during half time, the “Dawg Pound” performs the roller coaster which is always a fan favorite. One other well liked aspect of the Friday night games are the different themes each week. In the past, themes like a “neon out,” “camo out,” and “hawaiian out” have all been part of the student section, plus the traditional “red, white, or black outs.”

“My favorite part would be choosing the theme each week or doing the roller coaster,” Stahovec ‘18 said.

Stahovec must pursue such a large responsibility by creating a spirited student section along with a lively environment. The energy of the fans carries onto the field encouraging the athletes to battle to the end and continue to make the Romeo Community proud.

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