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As our seniors take the last final exams of their high school career and get ready to leave, ten of them leave a lasting legacy on the Hall of Fame wall. We asked what college and major they chose, and optionally, if they wanted us to know something interesting or unique about them.


  1. Maranda Smith:

“I am going to Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis,” Maranda Smith ‘15 said. “I am majoring in nursing.”


  1. Megan Ross:

“I will be attending the University of Oklahoma this fall and I will be majoring in Journalism with a minor in Art,” Megan Ross ’15 said. “I decided to attend because, as a National Merit Scholar, I was offered a generous scholarship package. I will be a part of the Honors College at OU.”


  1. Jamie Cola:

“I have a full ride to Oakland University,” Jamie Cola ’15 said. “My major is undecided at the moment, but maybe something in Marketing. Something interesting about me is that I somehow balance my schedule with competitive dance, dance team, karate, yearbook, and AP classes required by the MST Program.”


  1. Sabrina Bernotaitis:

“I am planning on going to Oakland University and majoring in industrial engineering,” Sabrina Bernotaitis ‘15 said. “I play the guitar and piano.”


  1. Thomas Schneider:

“I am attending the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,” Thomas Schneider ’15 said. “I will be in the college of engineering and studying a major in mechanical engineering. I [also] play varsity baseball.”


  1. Jessica Houghton:

“I am going to Grand Valley next year,” Jessica Houghton ’15 said. “I am not sure what my major will be; I am planning on becoming a physical therapist. I want to specialize in pediatrics. I was a high-school swimmer for four years and I have taught swim lessons since my freshman year. I have taught middle school swim and was a Romeo wrestling stat girl.”


  1. Savannah Jenuwine:

“I’m going to the Honors College at Michigan State University, and I am currently planning on majoring in Finance,” Savannah Jenuwine ’15 said. “Something interesting about me is that I want to move down south when I’m older!”


  1. Emily Koptyra:

“I plan on attending The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor,” Emily Koptyra said. “I plan on pursing a pre-medical degree in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts at U of M.”


  1. Aaron Bawol:

“I am going to the Honors College at Michigan State University,” Aaron Bawol ‘15 said. “My major will be in Advanced Math and Physics. I enjoy jazz music and video games.”


  1. Matthew Hansen:

“I’m going to the Honors Program at the University of Michigan,” Matthew Hansen ‘15 said. “My major is going to be cognitive science, with a possible minor in Spanish. In terms of special things, I’m a year-round long distance runner. I do cross country in the fall, winter/indoor track club in the winter, track in the spring, and in the summer I do conditioning for the next year’s cross country season.”

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