Aleigha Warren ‘18: When people ask me what I am doing for Spring Break, I can fully say that the only place I’ll be visiting is my couch. Sounds lame and boring, I know, but with a little bit of creativity you can make a stay-at-home spring break vacation an adventure (even if it isn’t under the sun.)

One: Start a New Book. This is obviously for the people who enjoy reading, but can never find the time. Here’s your chance! While everyone is baking in the sun or feeding fish to dolphins, you can transport yourself into a better realm by picking up a new story. Read the book as each word slowly drags you into a world that sucks your mind away.

Two: Clean/Organize your Room. It sounds more like a chore than an entertaining thing to do, but trust me, once you’re finished, you’ll feel like a brand new person. Pick the clothes up from your floor, and declutter your closet. It’s always refreshing to get rid of things you’ve been hoarding for years. You can even move your furniture around, giving the room a new vibe.

Three: Sleep. This one is huge, I plan on doing this. We wake up everyday before the sun even has a chance to rise. Along with decapitating hours of homework and extracurricular activities, we are left feeling stressed and tired. Most of our generation is sleep deprived, so catch up on that much needed sleep.

Four: Spa Day/Relaxation. Treat yourself! We finally have time to ourselves, let’s take it for granted. Run to Meijer, pick up some bubble bath, face masks, candles and spend the day to yourself. Lay around all day and don’t feel guilty about not doing anything. You deserve it after stressful tests and six classes.

Five: Spend Time with Family and Friends, especially with family. With our busy lives with school and extracurricular activities, we rarely have time to spend with the people who will always be there for us.  Just take a day and appreciate the time we have with them before some of us graduate.

Six: Binge a New Netflix Series. Check out DARK, a German sci-fi thriller with a sinful past of missing children and the relationship amongst four families. Or take a look at Atypical, where a teenage boy with autism begins to figure out life and romance.

Seven: Pick Up Another Shift. If you’re employed, pick up some extra shifts. It may be your break and you may want to relax, but a little extra money in your account is something no one ever complains about.

Eight: Find a New Hobby. Start developing a new hobby, or trying something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time to. Check out YouTube and the endless tutorials that fill the search web.

Nine: Catch up on Homework. If you’re ever desperate or behind, catching up on homework gets it out of the way for a stress free vacation. Because we all know that most of the time we’re binging Netflix, we’re also stressing about the work we should be doing. Take a few minutes or even an hour to catch up.

Ten: Find Something Local. Whether it’s window shopping around Romeo or taking a trip to Lakeside Mall, finding things that are entertaining keeps you from thinking your vacation is boring. You can play a few games of laser tag at ZapZone in Sterling Heights, or see a movie at the MJR Marketplace.

Staying at home for spring break has its pros and its cons. Just because you’re not exploring abandoned ruins or finding yourself before a beautiful pale blue ocean, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your stay at home spring break


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